Sunday, May 02, 2010

Lilacs in Watercolor

These are both small 5x7 watercolors done on 100% cotton rag board, which has a smooth surface and takes the watercolor with delicious ease.

May is such a beautiful month, especially when one considers lilacs. I paint them every year with joy and delight carried away by their heady perfume.

One of the special things about living in Connecticut are the little roadside stands that appear in spring and summer selling the bounty from flower and vegetable gardens. These are strictly "honor system" enterprises, drop your dollars in the box and take a bunch of flowers or a sack of tomatoes. That these even exist restores my faith in humanity.

This is the particular stand that furnished me with such voluptuous lilacs for painting today.

With the weather so gorgeous I set up under the gazebo to paint...

Here are some close ups of the watercolors and the lilacs for you to enjoy...

With the weather so gorgeous I couldn't bear to go inside and turn on the laptop so I've Posted this using BlogPress from my iPhone while sitting outside on the first "real" day of spring.


Katherine Thomas said...

Beautiful! So delicate and dreamy. I have lilac bushes too! I love to go outside and be enveloped by their scent and their gorgeous color.

AutumnLeaves said...

I just couldn't get your blog to open for me yesterday to comment, Jan, so today I am here at last. Lilacs are my favorite flower. So beautiful, such a gorgeous scent. I could sit with my nose glued to them all day. Your paintings are just exquisite! So glad you sat outside and got to enjoy the spring! My lilacs have already died off, though the leaves are still green. I am guessing since the rest of the plant survives, it is the natural order of things with this young bush. Hopefully next year, more blooms!