Monday, May 17, 2010

FREE smARTist Career Resources for Artists

All is Calm, 6x8, plein air, acrylic copyright 2010 Jan Blencowe

As many of you know I'm a smARTist Career Development two time alumni. At smARTist, I sincerely believe you can find the best value around for a successful art career, that's why I'm a smARTist affiliate!

Ariane the creator of smARTist has put together a series of FREE resources for you to try, which in this economy is a real blessing for artists struggling to make their art business profitable (or at this point even pay for supplies so we can keep going!!)

These resources are available only until MAY 19th so just two more days!
Then, on May 20th, everyone who jumped on the free content - will get a chance to buy the , Art Career Mentor Program-Home Study Edition at a 30% spring discount! 10-week program.

I already own the 10 Week Mentoring Program, so I can recommend it!
Ariane co-leads with fab artist Geoffrey Gorman - and it's the only soup-to-nuts art career, training program anywhere! And it will never again be offered for 30% off.

Check out the FREE Resources below. Once you see the value and all the great info you'll understand how much the 10 Week Career Mentoring can help you move your career forward even in this tough economy.

Resource #1
How does this one sentence get their attention?

How many times have you hemmed and hawed over responding to the ubiquitous: “So, what do you do?”
Wouldn’t it be great if you could pop out one sentence that would have them lean in closer, then ask you for even more about your art?
Well, Ariane of smARTist has this cool, easy exercise that will have you holding their attention. It’s her “How To Write (then speak) a Descriptive Sentence About Your Current Art Work.”
And, she’s giving it away!

You can get it by clicking here

People are amazed when artists speak clearly and concisely about their art. Go ahead, amaze them! Click here

Resource #2
Interviews with Successful Artists

Geoffrey Gorman is so busy these days that he can hardly keep up with the demand from collectors for his sculpture.
Wouldn’t you just love to know how he does it?

Well, Ariane has been quietly putting together a series of fabulous interviews with successful artists (who are still alive!), and she got Geoffrey to come talk with her about how he managed to take on the art scene in these last 3 years.
And, she’s giving it away!

You can get it by clicking here

This interview covers how Geoffrey approaches collectors at openings, how he keeps his gallery relationship tuned up, and what he does to nail a sale before he even leaves the studio. Click here to get this interview

Resource #3
21 Website Details Every Artist Must Know?

Websites are so essential these days – just the very foundation of your art career. And, there are so many things you just don’t think about.
Here’s a helpful little eBook that Ariane  put together so we can avoid the biggest website mistakes: 21 Website Details Every Artist Must Know!

And, this is the very last art-career resource she’s giving away for her spring fling!

You can get it by clicking here

** Here’s No.8: “You have 3 to 9 seconds before a visitor jumps off your site. Are you doing anything to make them jump through hoops?” Click here for all 21 tips!

Resource #4
What do you do *after* they come to your website?

Think about it. Someone clicks on your link, comes to your home page, maybe looks at a couple of images and clicks off. Now what do you do? Not much…

If our artist websites are only glorified portfolios, Ariane of smARTist tells us that we are losing our greatest potential for snagging collectors.
And… if you have something to give them – they’ll sign up for your mailing list and now you have a way to stay in touch. Makes a lot of sense.

Here’s a give-away that one artist created and Ariane has permission to give it to you. This is one example, and I’m sure you can come up with your own.
You can get it by clicking here

 People who come to your website are just like you: they like cool gifts! Click here to download this sample 


Note: I am an affiliate of smARTist, where I sincerely believe you can find the best value around for a successful art career.


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