Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reflections on the Catskill Mountains

This month is National Poetry Month and also Earth Day!

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Calm & Storm, acrylic, 20x30
copyright 2010, Jan Blencowe
I don't often share my poetry and writing but this year one of my goals was to do more writing and "get it out there" so here goes....the painting above Calm & Storm was done after my trips last year to the Catskill Mountains and below are my thoughts...enjoy and Happy Poetry Month!

Reflections on the Catskill Mountains

In fog they are completely cloaked, shrouded and entombed, hidden from living eyes.
But even then their presence is felt, hovering, a shadowy bulk.
They come into view as the fog lifts, an impossible ghostly shade of blue-green-purple-violet, some un-namable mix of misty, cool hues.
When the sun finally emerges from behind the cloudy veil, the mountains show themselves deep in clove and dale.
The tree tops catch the light for sure, but even the summer sun does not have rays to penetrate the deep and dark shadows of the trees or crevices and rocky crags, damp and murky.
These are ancient mountains rounded and warn. This range has given up to time, and wind and rain its stabbing, jutting sword-peaks eons ago.
They have rounded and rolled, filed down to the roots and core, a tiger whose teeth no longer bite.
But the depths not the peaks of the mountains contain the mystery, the magic.
The spirit runs deep in cloven places, in cave, crack and cataract.
This place is ancient and the thunder echoes and the mountains ruminate the sound.
They save what they know and keep it in their valleys.
Wisdom pools around their feet, and secrets inhabit their glades.
~Jan Blencowe, 2009


Joan said...

Wonderful poem, Jan. I especially enjoy your use of the word "ruminate." Nice touch.

AutumnLeaves said...

Love your writings on the mountains and your sense of mystery, Jan. The painting itself is just gorgeous.

Nancy Goldman said...

I'm glad you are sharing your poetry with us. This one is lovely. It is a wonderful description of your painting. How nice that you can share your feelings in two very expressive ways.
I love this painting. It has such a soft feel that at first I thought is was a pastel or oil. I wish I could make my acrylic paintings look so subtle and expressive.