Sunday, April 18, 2010

Painting and Sketching Spring

Hammonasset Clouds April 18th, watercolor and pen
Jan Blencowe copyright 2010

 Hammonasset Clouds 2 Apr. 18th, watercolor and pen
Jan Blencowe, copyright 2010

The sun struggled to come out all day, though it frequently lost to the heavy cloud cover. Late in the day, around 4pm I went out to do some sketching. Out of the five I did these are the only two worth sharing, and the top one is my pick out of these two.

I'm working with my new Daniel Smith watercolors which I am absolutely in love with, they have replaced my Yarka's which I thought would NEVER happen! I'm back to my old favorite Uniball Vision black fine point pen and working in a Nature Sketch spiral bound book

Here's a photo of the location I was painting at...

You can get an idea of the cloud cover and the subdued colors on the marsh. Even though it's April, and spring has officially arrived the marsh has not really woken up from it winter slumber yet.

Inland we have trees blooming in all kinds of candy colors which can be hard to translate into a painting without it becoming overly saccharin or cartoonish. Really, it's hard to pull off a pink tree!

I thought I'd show you some beautifully done paintings of spring....

 Pissarro, Spring in Louveciennes. c. 1870

  Van Gogh, The White Orchard, 1888


Willard Metcalf, Spring, 1921

Henry C. White, Spring Vista with Pond,


AutumnLeaves said...

Those ARE all beautiful paintings of spring! Jan, I love your watercolor work and charcoal work - even more than your acrylics and/or oils. There is a lightness that you achieve with them that I just love (or a darkness as in the case of the charcoal works).

Watercolorist said...

Lovely spring paintings - especially your watercolors. Really like your style. Lots of things going on. Lovely subdued colors.

Jan Blencowe said...

Yes I must admit that I do love my watercolors and charcoals and pastels. Mostly because I do them for me and not for sale. They actually are a big part of the whole process of creating paintings.

I am hoping that some of the feel of them comes through in the studio paintings, may have to work on that cross over a bit see if I can;t encourage more of it.