Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Making Acrylic Monoprints

copyright 2010 Jan Blencowe
Red Tree, monoprint, 5x7

Today was such a fun day in the studio! I spent the afternoon making monoprints. Not sure what a monoprint is? Well I am so glad you asked!

A monoprint is an original artwork. The printmaking process involved in making a monoprint is named such because only one print is made at a time, each print is unique and multiple prints are not possible. The process involves painting on or inking a non-porous surface such as an etching plate, glass, Plexiglas, or the like, and then pressing (and rubbing) the paper against the painted or inked surface resulting in unique works on paper.

copyrigth 2010, Jan Blencowe
Emerging, monoprint, 5x7

So essentially a monoprint is a printed painting. Why would you print your painting? One of the great advantages of monoprints is the spontaneous movements of the paint during the process of pressing and rubbing the paper to transfer the image. Unexpected and delightful things often happen. Sometimes not, but that's the way it goes with this type of work.

I like to work on a medium size sheet of paper perhaps 11x14 or 16x20 and then use a mat to compose smaller sections and cut the paper up and mat and frame those smaller compositions.

copyright 2010 Jan Blencowe
Bamboo Garden, monoprint, 5x7

For these three I've used some cold pressed watercolor paper and Chroma Interactive acrylics.  I sealed the paper first with Chroma Binder medium which ensures good paint adhesion.

If you coat paper with gum arabic you can make monoprints with watercolors, and if you seal your paper with gesso or an acrylic matte medium you can also use oil paints. If you heat a cookie sheet on a low temperature (approx 200 degrees F) or use and electric hot plate on low you can draw with oil pastels and lay sealed paper over them, press/rub and make a monoprint that way too.

Lots of options and lots of fun. If anyone has other ways to create monoprints please share them in the comments section!

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AutumnLeaves said...

Thanks for the lesson, Jan. I'd heard of monoprints but hadn't a clue as to what they were! Love the hint of the tree in the one...Beautiful textures too!