Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Controversy Over Blue

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Blue Paint, 6x8, oil on panel
copyright 2010, Jan Blencowe

Did you know that there's an ongoing controversy over the color blue? That might seem silly but there is! Simply take a look at just one comment thread at http://www.wetcanvas.com/  and you'll get an idea about the confusion LOL.

Ultramarine Blue contains red, so does that make it a warm blue? Hmmm, if you add red to blue you get purple, a cool color, so is Ultramarine Blue a cool blue because it leans towards purple? Cerulean leans green, green is the opposite of red, the hottest color on the color wheel. So that makes green a cool color, but does that make Cerulean a cool blue because it has green in it. Or does that make Cerulean a warm blue because yellow( a warm color) when mixed with blue creates green, the very undertone that Cerulean possesses!

 Plus what about Prussian Blue, Cobalt, Phthalo blue and Phthalo Blue Red Shade! Confused? You should be! It helps to remember that with color everything is relative.

In today's video, I bring out my handy dandy color wheel and try to bring some clarity to the issue. You'll also get a peek at my latest landscape and how I finally resolved the sky.


AutumnLeaves said...

Wowsers! Head spinning!

Suzanne McLean said...

Great little lesson, Jan. Thanks!

Carole said...

Great lesson, shared it with many of my art guild friends.