Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Digital Art Revolution

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For a decade or more artists, art critics and art historians have been grappeling with the impact digital and computer generated/aided art is and will continue to have on art in general.

This is much like what the art world went through when photography was invented. Photography has grown and changed also over the years and yet we still have an abundance of painters so the early fears that photography would eliminate the need for painters was unfounded.

Similarly, digital and computer generated/enhanced art is unlikely to totally eclipse paint, brush and canvas but it certainly is going to continue to develop as a medium and genre.

My high school age daughter who plans on going to art school to study illustration after she graduates is already a whiz with using the computer as a medium for creating art and as a tool for enhancing original art she draws with traditional media and then scans into the computer and manipulates. The tools are amazing on the computer from drawing with stylus and light pens to programs that allow you to create virtual surfaces and brushes. It's a brave new art world!

But what about traditional artists, does new technology offer any opportunities to hone our craft are providetools that help us?

The short video above is one way I've found new technolopgy to be really helpful. For Christmas my husband got me an iPhone, which I am absolutely head over heel about! I bought an application for it called Fountain Pen, it cost a grand total of 99 cents. It allows you to set a background color, choose an ink color and using your finger to "draw" on the screen you get an expressive line very similar to what you would with a fountain pen. After a little practice I got used to it and now I'm practically obsessed with it!

Though I usually have a sketchbook and pen with me I often find that if people notice you sketching and you're not obviously sketching the landscape view in front of you thay can get a little uncomfortable if they think you are sketching them. I don't blame them. BUT sketching people in candid poses, when they are unaware of you is such great practice for an artist. The iPhone now gives me a way to do that with out calling attention to the fact that I'm sketching. People just assume I'm checking e-mail or paying bills or something mundane. Using a handheld device is now so commonplace no one gives it a second thought.

I love doing these really quick gesture studies, seeking to just capture the character and body language of the person. The sketches in the video were very quick about 3 min.each. They capture kids waiting in the hall before taking their placement tests for college.

I have an application on my iPhone that was free and it lets you easily create videos like the one above. You get to select your pictures, arrange them in whatever order you want and choose music for the video. This little creative activity also adds to and enhances my inner muse another little creative bonus.

Next week I should have more video updates of my new marsh landscape which is nearing completion. Stay Tuned!

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