Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Developing Foliage, Tree Trunks & Branches Using Sgraffito

If you are receiving The Poetic Landscape via e-mail and you don't see the video in this e-mail then you can watch it on the blog
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In this installment I talk about using sgraffito
a technique that involves scratching into the paint surface to reveal the color of the under painting. I use this technique to create foliage at the edges of trees, tree trunks and branches.

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AutumnLeaves said...

Wow, Jan! You answered my other question from yesterday about how the paint was not smearing as you used your hands to instruct. So it is acrylic paint. Looks so much like oil via the computer screen that I am amazed. I like that you've made that railroad bridge seem more modern and less rustic looking. Not sure why but now I see that despite artistic license and vision, the scale is no longer a question in my mind. The more modern looking track works with that far distant tree line to make the size of the train that would approach be more of a non-issue in my ditzy head. Also like the reinforcement of additive vs. subtractive color - another lesson I've just gone through in my text book. I am so enjoying this video series!