Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Greetings!

above is my ad for the January issue of The Art Guide magazine.
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Merry Christmas! I hope each and everyone of you had a most blessed and joyful holiday! I have been missing from the blogosphere for several days as the crunch of holiday preparations and illness got the better of me. Now that the big day is over and I'm finally on the mend (as long as my bronchial tubes stay clear and I can breathe easily) I am determined to get things back on track.

My best gift this year was from my dear husband who got me an iPhone. If you already have one of these I need say no more, if you don't all I can say is, TOO MUCH FUN!

At the moment I am completely uninspired to paint and have absolutely no idea what I will do next. I have been fooling around with my new Daniel Smith watercolors but do not have anything worth posting yet. I know from past experience that pushing forward blindly at a time like this spells disaster. So I will take some time to recharge and also to set aside some time to brainstorm new ideas for painting. It might also be a good time to continue with watercolor and possible do a few encaustic paintings. A change of pace can often cultivate new ideas and enthusiasim.

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