Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Starting the Holiday Season with Art!

Don't forget the $50 early bird discount ends Dec.8th for smARTist 2010. Do NOT miss this opportunity! I have already signed up for the platinum package again this year and can't wait for the Virtual Opening Reception Party! Attract Collectors, Sell your art with Focus, Facts and your Fabulous Art!  Won't you join me?

If you are serious about getting your art career going I can highly recommend smARTist as the best way to do that.  You will get so much useful information, and guidance on implementing it along with a charge of positive energy to get you psyched to put into practice everything you'll learn.

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cindy said...

I love your art and the heart that you show. I haven't truly done art since high school, where I had an amazing art teacher who specialized in water colors. I have always had a burning desire to draw, paint, SOMETHING....But I haven't the notion where to start. Finding a/my muse would help. My crafting and love for vintage are the closest I get in my life right now. I will continue to follow you and see what I can pick up!!! :)

Jan Blencowe said...


Get yourself a small sketchbook w/ paper that can handle watercolors, a fine tip permanent waterproof marker and a small set of watercolors. Sketch from life outdoors and in, from photos & from masterworks. Simplify what you see and get the basic colors and values laid in. Do this as often as you can and you'll be on your way. Don't feel pressured, and don't show anyone unless you really like the way your sketch came out!