Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Work in Progress UPDATE , tonalist marsh landscape, Jan Blencowe

copyright 2009 , Jan Blencowe, Connecticut, USA
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On Monday I showed you the under painting (imprimatura) done in transparent red oxide for this painting. Today the block in has been completed and I've been working on the top half of the painting developing the sky, distant tree line and distant marsh. The water and nearest piece of marsh is still in the block in phase.

This is a moderately large painting, 24x30 and I have quite a long way to go yet.
Indirect painting methods take time, even with acrylics. For the final product to have sophisticated color modulations, complex layers of scumble and glaze, refined edges, evocative atmosphere, interesting surface texture and luminescence takes many hours of patiently building up the paint.

I have never been as happy with my work as I am now and these kinds of methods produce paintings that truly express my own authentic visual voice. So I am content in my work and don;t mind the long hours necessary to produce these paintings.

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