Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Sketchbook Filled with Landscape Paintings, Jan Blencowe

copyright 2009, Jan Blencowe, Connecticut, USA
4x6, watercolor
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On May 30th, I began filling a 50 page sketchbook with pen and watercolor plein air landscapes. My goal was to fill the sketchbook by the end of the summer. This sketch completes the book! We are one month into autumn, so I didn't meet my time goal, but I kept sketching and did fill the book! All the sketches are plein air landscapes except one or two sketches of flowers from my garden and one still life of tomatoes from the garden on a rainy day when I was very bored LOL.

It really feels great to have completed this project partly because I love looking back through my sketchbooks and partly because I now have many sketches that have the potential to become the inspiration for larger paintings, plus drawing is such a great exercise for artists.

I already have another sketchbook waiting to be filled and I will continue with these type of sketches, doing as many plein air as I can before the weather gets too cold, then I will switch to still life subjects. My goal is to have the book filled by spring.

New Painting Update

I'm busy working on a 20x24 landscape based on the plein air pochade I did at Lord Creek Farm on Monday. I re-worked the composition and the lighting. I am well in to the painting and at the moment I am at that tense stage when a painting can take a turn for the sublime or take a turn for the garbage heap! First thing tomorrow I'm back in the studio, pray for the Muse to visit me!

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Sheila Vaughan said...

Jan, congratulations on filling the sketch book. These look like wonderful, fresh, plein air works just as you intended. "Working from nature" brings such special advantages doesn't it - mostly to do with colour and value issues. I have not managed to get out to do any plein air landscape work this year but my still life work I love to do "from life".