Monday, October 12, 2009

Connecticut Landscape Painting, Lord Creek Farm, Jan Blencowe

copyright 2009, Jan Blencowe, Connecticut, USA
Connecticut Landscape Painting, Lord Creek Farm, overlooking the Connecticut River
6x8, acrylic on panel, plein air painting
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The season is ripening. We are not at peak color yet but there are some beautiful colors in the landscape right now. The distant marsh is turning red as the marsh grasses go to seed. Wildflowers are still out in profusion and the leaves are just beginning to turn with an ocassional explosion of color here and there.

As we move into what the ancient Celts called a "thin" time, when the veil between this world and the next is lessened I feel a certain excitement. Nature itself seems to be hurrying and scurrying in a mad scramble and dash to prepare for the sleep of winter and the time of darkness, which I always believe is a time for remembering.

As I was thinking about this I came across this very idea on the Abbey of the Arts blog. The post is called Embracing the Night. I will share some of that post here, and then you can follow up by reading the whole post here.

by Christine Valters Paintner

The Christian church honors the wisdom of this season by dedicating the month of November to the memory of ancestors and saints who have walked before us. The Celts believed this was an especially thin time of year and the presence of the wise ones who still dwell among us can be felt more keenly through the veil between life and death. As the earth prepares for winter, we too are invited to contemplate what death means for us.

I invite you during these October days to begin to consider how you might embrace the dark half of the year. What gifts are calling to you out of the long nights ahead that have previously gone unopened? How might you give honor to those ancestors who have traveled this road before you and welcome in the wisdom they have to offer you for your life now?


Janelle Goodwin said...

Fascinating post, Jan! I loved the reference to this time of year being thin time. Beautiful! (As are your paintings!)

Jan Blencowe said...

Thanks so much Janelle. It's a fascinating idea isn't it?