Sunday, November 01, 2009

8 Artists Worth Seeing at Old Lyme's New England Landscape Show

copyright 2009, Jan Blencowe, Connecticut, USA
Blue Moon, 20x30, acrylic on linen
I just entered this in to an important competition! Wish me luck!
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One of the really teriffic things you can do for yourself as an artist or an art lover or collector is go to an art show.

Lyme Art Association is an old and historic group, I've been a member there on and off for some years and occassionally will enter a painting into one of their shows. Lately I've been so busy supplying galleries, selling on the internet and entering larger regional and national shows I haven't had much time to be involved there. But because of it's historic place in our local art history I like to support their events.

Today I went to see their New England Landscape & Invitational show. Some artists were invited to exhibit, including my Twitter friend Stapelton Kearns, the day he dropped off his work for the show I met him at the art association and we went and did some plein air painting at Rocky Neck. Always great when the internet brings people together in real life!

Over all the exhibit was good with a some real standouts that caught my eye, and with a couple that left me wondering how they passed the jury selection. There were 114 pieces in all.

Here are some of my favorites, with a bit of commentary and links to the artist's websites.

Christopher Magadini...Tending the Garden This one had it all great color, composition, brushwork and values all masterfully pulled together in a fresh, lively way.

Sergio Roffo...October Marsh I love his work and this is the first time I've seen it in person and it did not disappoint. His painitngs are filled with detail that remains fresh and lively, never tight or fussy. Beautiful sense of light, space and serenity.

David Bareford...Schuykill River This painting captures two teams crewing beneath the arches of an imposing stone bridge. With great compositional mastery and skilled painting techiniques particularly on the stone masonry of the bridge and the figures this was a joy to look at. Just enough is painted to tell both the narrative and the visual story of the paint without ever saying too much, such amazing economy of brushwork.

Stapleton Kearns...Autumn A gorgeous symphony of earthy hues and tones,with an evocative yellow sky, and a lovely, sensitive paint surface. Classic New England painting.

Diane Aeschliman...Buttonwoods Farm A lovely haunting mood created by a grey sky that's clearing to blue above a hillside of daffodils and a farmhouse bathed in soft light and atmosphere. This piece perfectly captures the capricious weather of spring.

Christine Ivers...P.M. Rhapsody Mood, mood and more mood! An intriguuing, evocative, tonalist, low light serene scene.

Caleb Stone...Winter Still & Stone Age Both of these visually satisfying pieces show such fabulous color mastery expressed in confident blocks of color shapes that interlock to create the scene. Lot's of strength in his paintings.

Angie Falstrom... First Light A tiny, true miniature painting in watercolor contains everything that would make a large size work successful. There's atmosphere, compositonal cohesion, impact, color mastery, value control and perfect detail all miniaturized. A gorgeous little gem.

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