Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tonalist Autumn Trees Landscape, Jan Blencowe

copyright 2009, Jan Blencowe, Connecticut, USA
20x30, acrylic on linen, archival varnish, unframed
See this in a frame on my website
$1500, + $50 sh/h/ins in the USA

Warmth, luminosity, twilight,
evening falls, hushed silence, vesper light.

A harvest moon rises in the sky and silently looks down from 238,857 miles away.
The planets spin and dance their dance and here on earth the seasons change.
The cool of autumn feels crisp and the trees turn red.

Shadows, memories, ancestors.
Seedtime plant, harvest gather, winter bare.


Janelle Goodwin said...

Such a beautiful painting as we're headed into autumn. The description is equally beautiful. Vesper light ....ah.

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Janelle (that's a beautiful name!)

So glad you like this piece. I would love for someone moved by it to purchase it for their home, it's a real favorite of mine. It would do my heart good to know that it is loved!

I'm trying my hand at a little poetry, or perhaps it's just lyrical prose, so your encouragement in that area is much appreciated!