Friday, September 18, 2009

Tonalist Autumn Marsh Landscape Painting & Cultivating Art Collectors

copyright 2009, Jan Blencowe, Connecticut, USA
Autumn Colors, 12x24, acrylic on linen, finished with an archival varnish, unframed
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I usually only post Monday through Friday (in order to stave off blogger burn out!) unless I have something important to say, which I do! :-)

First, I'm going to talk about the new painting. This is the one that I began outdoors at Rocky Neck State Park and then posted yesterday as I continued to work on it.

Today I read a Picasso quote on Twitter that seemed perfect for how this painting progressed...I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else. Pablo Picasso

Whenever I paint outdoors the observable features of the scene will dominate my painting, I will "paint the day" as I recently heard it called. But, away from the scene the muse can entice me along and lead me through imaginings and on to more creative and original places.

Away from the tyranny of the actual scene, which was still dominated by summer greens, with just a hint of red in the trees and the beginnings of the seasons turnings in the marsh grasses, I was able to conjur up memories of the many Connecticut autumns I've witnessed.

You'll remember that yesterday I mentioned making some compositional adjustments and here you can see the result of a "less is more" decision to reduce the amount of water and simplify the design into larger more unified shapes.

The element that stays true to the actual scene is the quality of light in the sky and reflected in the water.

On my website I wrote how I feel about this painting...Serene, still, magical. A painting that invites contemplation and quietude. Veils of translucent color and a rich paint surface enchant the viewer's eye. Warm, earthy colors and glorious reflected light in the water are clear and glowing.

Upon reflection it seems that I was thinking about luminist paintings while I was working on this...

John Frederick Kensett, Spouting Rock, Newport Rhode Island

John Frederick Kensett, Landscape with Figure

John Frederick Kensett, Lily Pond, Newport Rhode Island

John Frederick Kensett, An Inlet of the Long Island Sound

Now for a little...

In January I participated in the smArtist Telesummit, and one of the speakers was Alyson B. Stanfield, The ArtBiz Coach, and I love her! I have her book I'd Rather Be In The Studio! which I can highly recommend and would never be without.

Today I received an e-mail from Alyson announcing her new class Culitvate Collectors:Get the Most from Your Contact List (& Reward Your Fans)

For the 18 days of this class, you will focus on your contact list. You will:

Expand your mailing list
Carve out time to update your list
Maintain data for your contacts
Decide how you will use your contact list
Make your fans feel special
Follow up with tips and leads
Prioritize a People I Want to Meet list

Here’s how it works:

You log on to your computer from the comfort of your home, office, or local coffee shop--any time of day that suits you. There are no scheduled meeting times and everything will be posted on the class blog. We would love your participation on the blog, but we'll understand if you want to come and go in anonymity. You will receive daily (weekday) reminders for the class. Class lessons include PDF downloads and audio files (which are for auditory learners--all audio files will also be available as PDF files).You just need a computer and space to devote to your dreams.

The cost for the class is just $97!! I just signed up today and can't wait to get started!

Interested? Check out the the information page for the Cultivate Collectors Class

Because I really love Alyson's book, and her advice on art marketing I am part of her affiliate program. So, if you click on the links and either buy the book or sign up for the class I earn a little money for my art supplies piggy bank!
I hope you'll be joining me in the class then we can compare notes and share ideas!

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