Monday, September 28, 2009

Landscape Painting, The Golden Arches of Autumn, Jan Blencowe

copyright 2009, Jan Blencowe, Connecticut, USA
Landscape Painting, style plein air/impressionism
6x8, acrylic on paneli telati canvas panel, unframed, sealed with an archival varnish
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Look at those colors!! Is it any wonder that people travel from all over to see the autumn foliage in New England? One of the really great things about working outdoors in acrylic is the ability to glaze quickly and repeatedly. Autumn foliage is always a challenge because there are so many colors that are intense. A painting can easily become fractured and lose unity and harmony as too many strong elements all compete for center stage. One way to tone down and pull an area together is to glaze it with a transparent color. This modifies all the hues in the area and unifies them.

I was going to write about the pros and cons of painting both small and large en plein air but I came across something today that I wanted to share instead.....It is directed to women artists but I think it is crucial for everyone to see....

This is the trailer for a documentary film called Who Does She Think She Is? This resonated LOUDLY with me and I hope you will take a moment to watch

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Paulo J. Mendes said...

Gorgeous colors!!