Monday, August 10, 2009

August,Rocky Neck Marsh Plein Air Painting

copyright 2009, Jan Blencowe, Connecticut, USA
August, Rocky Neck Marsh
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acrylic, 8x10, on archival canson board, unframed
Price: $300 + $10 sh/h/ins

Friday was such a beautiful day, a rarity this summer. Fortunately, my schedule allowed my to spend several hours at Rocky Neck, in the marshes painting. I set up my chair alongside of the trail on the edge of the marsh and had a small, furry critter, a vole I think, as company. The little guy was burrowing in and out of the leaf litter and often would stop and sit and watch me for several minutes at a time. To my right in the marsh were many snowy egrets. So beautiful, graceful and pure white against the greens and ochres of the marsh grasses.

Most people were out on the beach and the solitude of the marsh was very soothing to me. It was very quiet and seemed very still. Yet, there was a lot of activity going on, it was just going on very quietly and at a pace in tune with the rhythms of nature. We rush and are out of tune with nature so much of the time. That's why painting outdoors is such a wonderful thing, you sit and you slow down and you get in tune with your surroundings. You observe, experience, interpret, record and you come away changed for the better.


diegodayer said...

Exelentes paisajes!

coral may said...

Lovely landscape painting..!