Sunday, August 30, 2009

August Salt Marsh, plein air painting, Jan Blencowe

copyright 2009, Jan Blencowe, Connecticut, USA
8x10, acrylic on Canson paper/board
sealed with an archival varnish, unframed
See how this painting would look in a frame on my website
$300 +$10 sh/h

Have you ever been fortunate enough to spend an afternoon in August in the marsh? It is a glorious experience that you should endeavor to have sometime when the harried pace of modern life has frazzled your nerves, when the sound of a cell phone ringtone threatens to undo your sanity and the Hi-DefTVAMFMRadioMP3LaptopBlackberryBluetooth-
DVDCDBlueRayTalkingGPS many mouthed monster pursues you relentlessly.

The marsh is blissfully quiet. Not that it is without sound, but the sounds of nature are murmurs, soothing and rhythmic in a healing and nourishing way. They are a lovely, primal music to the ears and heart. It is amazing how in that quiet you hear even the smallest sound. You notice when a slight breeze passes in a whisper through the reeds and grasses. You can hear the beat of the egrets wings as it takes flight. You hear the water roll off the turtle's shell as she emerges from the water to sun herself on a log.

These are not sounds that distract or irritate. These are sounds that calm, relax and inspire. So blissfully quiet. This is a hidden symphony of sound, almost invisible. The sounds in the marsh mark off time in a slow way not like the insistent ticking of a clock, ticking once every second. These marsh sounds tick off the time slowly with seasonal activities propelled by instinct to proceed at a pace that preserves and protects life instead of straining and stressing it.

Go to the marsh, sit quietly and learn its secrets. Then go home and turn some things off and other things down. Recreate a little of the quiet marsh in your life.

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Lee Ann said...

This painting is marvelous, Jan! It's just what my heart sees when I look out at the salt marsh. And your description of the rhythmic murmurs of the marsh are spot on.