Sunday, June 14, 2009

Work in Progress, Stage 2

Here's the under painting I showed you last week. Painted on linen with transparent red oxide and ultramarine blue. This is basically a notan sketch to arrange compositional elements and establish a pattern of light and dark.

A lot of development has gone on in the tree foliage and the middle ground. The foreground needs a great deal of work. The real magic in this piece though will happen when I begin to scumble in veils of air and atmosphere to bring softness, harmony and diffused light to the scene. Warmth and a soft glow will emerge as I continue to work with thin layers of color built up one upon the next.
I hope to have this done by mid-week so stay tuned!
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Elizabeth McCrindle said...

This is lovely Jan can feel myself walking though it...and I love the new name for your Blog

Naquaiya said...

Jan, Thanks for offering these works in progress on your blog. They are pretty nice, informative and totally valid. So often when you click on things like this, they turn out to be duds. I teach as well and appreciate good instruction. p.s. I like the new name of your blog--it really fits your work.

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Elizabeth, the new blog name has been very well received, makes me glad I changed it, and now I wish I'd done it sooner!

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Naquaiya,

I glad you found the demos valuable! Good artists are not automatically good teachers. I tend to want to share info I hate seeing others struggle just for lack of information or instruction.