Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Solstice 6:30AM

Summer Solstice 6:30AM, painting by Jan Blencowe

Copyright 2009 Jan Blencowe

Media: acrylic on panel

Size: 14 in X 11 in (35.6 cm X 27.9 cm)

Stlye: Plein air tonalism, impressionism

Price: $425 USD

How to Purchase: send me an email

About This Painting: We have had such rainy weather here in CT, for weeks and weeks. In fact the last full week of sunshine was back in APRIL! Good grief! The summer solstice is usually such a beautiful day, and one that has been important to many peoples and cultures throughout history. I woke up very early, after just a few hours sleep and found that the sun was rising and that there was actually some blue sky, though rain was predicted for the day. I left the house at 6:10am and headed down to the Oyster River. The sunrise was lovely, like a poem, the sky color rosey and glowing, the water still and the trees fresh and verdant. Except for the hordes of horrible biting gnats it would have been perfect LOL

The simplified shapes, soft, diffused light and suggested textures capture the mood of the morning, gentle, with a breathless movement towards day. I went and did some sketching after the painting, (I'll post those tomorrow) but by 3pm it was pouring rain again.

Tonight as I post this the frogs are serenading me with a weird chorus of trills, croaks and some other sounds that are just plain indescribable. The bats are zig-zag-zooming across the yard and the clouds are drifting slowly in the sky. Summer begins.

You can enjoy the frog chorus and catch the last moments of light of the 2009 summer solstice in my little video:

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