Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wildflowers in Abundance Encaustic Painting

Wildflowers in Abundance Encaustic Painting, painting by Jan Blencowe

Copyright 2009 Jan Blencowe Connecticut, USA

About This Painting:
The ancient art of encaustic painting uses natural bees wax, damar resin and pigments which are mixed to make blocks of paint. The paint is then heated and painted onto a panel while in its molten state, yielding luminous translucent colors. The more I use this incredible medium the more I love it.

I now have a small iron made especially for working in encaustic which is giving me some great control in the sky for cloud formations. I've added 2 new colors to my collection, sap green and ultramarine blue, which I prefer to the cobalt blue that came with my initial set.

I found two great websites Enkaustikos ,and Evans Encaustics which along with R&F have tons of information and products.

This scene is one that I have wanted to paint for a long time, it is part of a nearby state park, Hammonasset, and in the late summer sections of the bike/walking path are bordered by swaths of goldenrod, Queen Anne's Lace, and wild sunflowers, punctuated by cedar trees.

As I continue to work with the wax I'm learning to achieve more refined applications of wax and edges and I'm happily moving in the direction of creating painterly, impressionist pieces.

Style: contemporary impressionism
Size: 12 in X 9 in (30.5 cm X 22.9 cm)

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