Monday, May 25, 2009

Rock Garden Plein Air Painting at Harkness State Park

Rock Garden Plein Air Painting, painting by Jan Blencowe

Copyright 2009 Jan Blencowe, Connecticut ,USA

About This Painting: It's always such a joy to be painting outdoors. It's also very humbling. I am constantly faced with the realization that no matter how long I paint, improve or grow there is just no possible way to capture sunlight, shadow and all the intricate complexities of nature with paints and brushes. Which is why I've given up trying to create a record of a place. I would much rather share with you my interpretation of a scene, which I can do. I can manipulate values, colors, shapes, objects, shadows and light. I can add elements in, I can take things out, all according to my own vision and experience of a place. More personal, more authentic, more interesting.

On this particular day I was struck by the quality of the light. Not bright, the sun was fighting all day to break through the low lying cloud cover. The light was very soft, diffused and interspersed with periods of dullness and gray. The wind was very chill, curious because you knew that spring had already arrived weeks ago but today semed to be bullied by a wind off the water. In the moments when the sun was triumphant warmth and softness settled over the garden it was like a dream or a promise of something that was yet to be fully realized. The magical puddles of light that appear in the garden and than vanish are the true subject of this painting. Enjoy!

Painted at Harkness State Park, Waterford, CT

Style: plein air impressionism

Size: 8 in X 6 in (20.3 cm X 15.2 cm)
Price: $125 USD + $10 sh/h

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