Friday, May 29, 2009

Career Development for Artists!

I really enjoyed learning from Alyson Stanfield, The Art Biz Coach at this year's smARTist TeleSummit. She has a fun, but no nonsense style that will get you motivated! I think her information is so valuable for artists that I set up a Squidoo Lens here. I use her book I'd Rather be in the Studio constantly. The book is jammed packed with information along with clear action steps that help you make a plan and then actually do things that will help your art career. I recommend her materials wholeheartedly! Plus you can follow her on Twitter @abstanfield everyday.

Alyson has a new class that begins Wednesday June 3rd and it's not too late to get in! I am looking at my finances right now and I'm planning on registering if it's at all possible. I'll let you know if I do and maybe we'll be "in class" together.

This class is a terrific blend of motivation, coaching, and practical business tools you can use to take your art career to a new level.

You'll be working on the following.

Commit to accepting responsibility for your life... Alyson is big on this & she's right

Capture your Vision and plan to enact it ..enacting it is the hard part for me

Monthly financial worksheet (getting a grip on your financial situation)...I so need this!

2009 Plan for continuing education and handling your information overload...plans are good

Identify tasks you can hire out (or let go of)...can I get someone do do the laundry?

Complete a challenging (but workable) plan for the entire would be great to be this organized!

Find out more about the
Artist's Blast Off Class

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