Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Marsh Landscape, Art Show, and a connection to Henry C. White

Spring Marsh, painting by Jan Blencowe

Spring Marsh 16x20, acrylic on linen Jan Blencowe

About This Painting: Don't forget if you're in the Connecticut area you're invited to the Junior Womens Club Annual Benefit Art Show, Fri. Apr.24th - Sun. Apr. 26th. Spring Marsh, above, is one of twelve paintings I have in the show. Proceeds benefit six very worthy community organizations. More information here.

Friday Follower Spotlight

This week I have something very special to share with you. Many of you by now know how much I love the new exhibit at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme CT. If you missed that post read about it here.

The exhibit is called Visions of Mood and brings to us the never before exhibited pastels of Henry C. White, a Connecticut native, usually associated with the tonalist movement and oil paintings on panel.

In his book The Art Spirit, Robert Henri writes...Through art mysterious bonds of understanding and of knowledge are established among men.They are the bonds of a great Brotherhood. Those who are of the Brotherhood know each other, and time and space cannot seperate them.

Here in the artistically rich soil of the small state of Connecticut I've unearthed a connection, a bit of the Brotherhood, so to speak.

White like many artists did more than paint. He designed houses and when he settled his family in Waterford, CT it was in a house that he designed. Now here's the interesting part. Artist, Roxanne Steed of Mystic, CT and I are both in the same on-line gallery and though we have never met in person we have chit-chatted through e-mails occassionally. After last weeks post about Henry C. White Roxanne e-mailed to say that she lived in one of Henry White's houses in Waterford for 3 years, which they rented from a fellow naval officer who currently owns the home that at one time belonged to the White family.

Like White, Roxanne Steed also found the Waterford area an inspiring place to paint. Here are several of her paintings depicting the landscape around the home and the home itself.

Roxanne Steed Wildflowers Near Pleasure Beach

Roxanne Steed Morning Walk with Neighbors

Roxanne Steed Front Door with Wreath
Henry C. White's house

Roxanne Steed Lilac Brunch, Patio
Henry C. White House

Roxanne writes about her time living in the Henry C. White house in Waterford, CT:

It is indeed an inspiring place to have lived, especially with all the history of that family there - the beautiful stone walls, the wildlife, the proximity to the beach, the softly aging beach cottages, and plantings there. I walked the neighborhood every morning for three years with two other friends of mine in the neighborhood- it was so wonderful to see this part of New England over the spread of three years, changing seasons, etc. All this from a southerner's point of view no less. It was a delight to be a witness to all of this. We had herds of deer, flocks of turkey, several osprey nearby (on returning from my morning walk one day, I found a good size 'fresh' fish in my front yard about a foot long, perhaps just over a pound? probably dropped by some large (though hungry) bird. And - yeah, we were a block up from the water. There were fox, rabbits, skunks & coyotes.....coming through at any given time. Luckily the yard was huge so sharing wasn't too difficult.

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