Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Impressionist/Tonalist Landscape

Impressionist Spring Landscape, painting by Jan Blencowe

About This Painting: After viewing the Henry C. White exhibit at the Florence Griswold Museum last week I realized just how very much painters at the turn of the century moved between tonalism and impressionism. I knew that of course, there are many examples, but this show, in particular, was a fascinating example of one artist's journey documenting his embrace of both styles and many works that are a synthesis of both. That's how I feel about my own work right now, it is a synthesis of both tonalism and impressionism drawing elements from both traditions. This painting has the tonal color scheme, soft light, atmosphere and harmony of a tonalist painting with the broken brush strokes of an impressionist painting superimposed over areas of hazy scumbled tone.

I suppose you though I'd never get this one done it's taken such a long time! I spent a long time in the thinking stages on this one and I'm finding more and more that that kind of time is indespensible to creating a finished painting.

See how this painting progressed here and here.

Title: Spring

Media: acrylic on linen

Size: 20 in X 16 in (50.8 cm X 40.6 cm)

Price: $650, unframed + $60 shipping/packing/insurance via FedEx. International shipping will be higher.

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Patrick said...

I reallly love the way you work with light and colors.

Jan Blencowe said...

Thanks so much Patrick. I've found over the years that those two elements, light and color are the key to an expressive painting. Whether it be bold or subtle those two things speak volumes to viewer.