Friday, April 17, 2009

New Video and Painting Updates on the Tonalist Spring Landscape

Work in Progress....Spring Tonalist Landscape, acrylic on linen, 16x20

This has been a slow process of adding in detail, like a Hudson River School painting, particularly in the tree foliage, and then obscuring and softening with a scumble to create effects like a Tonalist painting.

I also made a compositional change on the right, changing that one soldier straight tree into a group of trees with more twist and character. I also added in another foliage group on the upper right, as if it were coming from the branches of a larger tree that is just beyond the picture plane.

As I consider this painting I'm planning the last area of development, which is the lower left. I intend to add in a moderate amount of foliage detail, but in colors and values close to what is there to keep that area subdued and peripheral. What I don;t want is for the painting to become "busy" through too much tiny foliage detail.

I'm hoping to have the painting finished and posted on Monday.

New Video today showing exactly how I go about using the scumbling technique in this painting.

This weeks Friday Follower Spotlight is shining on Michael Thomas.

Michael writes...I believe that everyone is creative in some way. It is a part of being created in the image of God. I am constantly moving between expressing ideas through art and my desire to know God better. I strive to put those two things in harmony with one another, but often fail. I am a work in progress.

To that I say Amen, we are all a work in progress and there is joy in the journey.

Please take a moment and visit Michael's blog The Creative Habit. You'll be treated to amazing drawings, particularly his entry into the Colored Pencil Society of America show, The Young Guitarist.

Here's what Michael writes about the piece....This work pays homage to the famous work by Picasso, The Old Guitarist. I have always liked the composition of the work, but found it sad. Music is such a positive part of my life and the life of my family that I just had to put a more positive spin with The Young Guitarist. This work contrasts the original in many ways.

Don't you just love Michael's positive, uplifting outlook on life? His drawings reflect that and are a joy to see.


Michael said...


Thanks so much for your encouraging words. It's people like you that keep me going.


Joyce Dempsey said...

Jan, Thank you for making a video on scumbling. It really did help me to understand after seeing you mix the colors and watching your brushwork. I am using this technique now on a painting I am doing on a Fredrick's linen board canvas. I love the feel of the linen over the cotton duck stretched canvas I have alway's used with oils. And the painting is, so far, really coming along nice.
Thanks again for your great blogs.

Jan Blencowe said...

Videos are worth a thousand words! Linen is a beautiful surface to work on. I've used the Frederix and they're really quite nice and pretty affordable.

It's alwasy good to experiment with new materials that's how you find ones that make it easier to convey your vision in a painting.

Glad you like the videos, there will be more to come!