Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hudson River Tonalist Landscape Encaustic

About This Painting:
Title: River Overlook

A new encaustic painting for the Daily Painters of the Hudson Valley show in Rhinebeck, NY June 5-July 15

Media: encaustic
Size: 12 in X 9 in (30.5 cm X 22.9 cm)

Well the encaustic adventure continues! I'm having second thoughts about the composition on this one. For me the horizontality (is that a word? lol) of the river and the land is the over riding element. The tree was meant to give a vertical element and create a bridge between earth and sky as well as give some scale. However, I'm finding the tree distracting and the compoition unbalanced. I am seriously considering removing the tree and creating a simple panorama of the remining river valley. This will slao give me a chance to see how easy (or not!) it is to scrape off the encaustic and re-work an area.

I also re-worked my first encaustic painting, using the hair dryer to melt much of the paint surface and soften edges for more distance. I've also found that if you don't re-heat the paint long enough to fuse it to the previous layer the surface remains sticky and doesn't buff up to a nice sheen. So here's the re-worked painting, stage 2.

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