Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2009 JW Art Show April 24th-26th Old Lyme CT

This may be one of my favorite events of the year, The Lyme-Old Lyme Junior Womens Club Art Show. It's big, it always has fabulous art and it benefits six local organizations.

This year proceeds will benefit:

The Shoreline Soup Kitchen & Pantries
Camp Clair
Women's Center of Southeastern CT
Child and Family Agency of Southeastern CT
New London Fire Fighter's Burn Foundation
Lyme-Old Lyme High School Scholarship Fund

The show is held at the Lyme Art Association, Lyme Street & Halls Road, Old Lyme

Opening reception Friday evening April 24th, 7-9pm Tickets $20

Saturday, April 25th 10am-6pm tickets $5
Sunday, April 26th 10am-3pm Tickets $5

I will have these 12 paintings in the show this year.......

Evensong 10x10


Evening Light, 16x20

Early Dawn, 6x6

Cypress and Poppies, 6x6

Blue Moon, 20x30

Morning Light, 10x10

Morning Field, 6x6

Moon Glow, 16x20

Haystacks, 12x36

Waterfall, 10x10

Winter Marsh, 6x6

Spring Marsh, 16x20


Joyce Dempsey said...

Jan, I would just love to come to CT to meet you and see your paintings in person. The spring marsh looks so beautiful, I wonder if I would be disappointed to see them in real life.

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Joyce,

I certainly hope you wouldn't be disappointed! My experience has been that 98% of paintings are best experienced face to face with the original far exceeding a photo.

A few years ago I went to an impressionist show at the Met in NYC and saw some Mary Cassat's that I'd only previously seen in books and on the internet and the paintings in person absolutely knocked my socks off, if I had loved them in books I was swept away by them in person.

These softer, more diffused, tonalist works that depend on delicate harmonies, colors and textures are almost certain to look better in person.

Bolder more colorful works with lots of value contrast tend to fare better as photos.

Hope that answers your question.

Joyce Dempsey said...

Jan, I am sorry, what I wanted to say is that, if I were to visit an actual Salt Marsh in Connecticut, I wonder if I would feel alittle disappointed, since I have only experienced seeing them though your paintings. They reflect a mood that I think is sometime's unnoticed in Nature.
I would also like to be able to meet you, and view your original paintings up closely. I have so many questions. But thank you for sharing your art with us that only view it on our computers, so far anyway.

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Joyce,

Oh, the marshes themselves LOL now I understand your question! What a silly I am LOL

The beauty of the marshes depends entirely on the time of year and the time of day. The season and the light make all the difference. It can transform them from a weedy, wasteland to a gorgeous, magical place.

The marsh is constantly changing and that's one of the reasons I never tire of painting it.