Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Work in Progress

Work in Progress, painting by Jan Blencowe

About This Painting: Trying out a new color palette with this one, Indian Yellow, Red Gold, Cobalt Turquoise, Olive Green, Transparent Red Ox.,Ultramarine Blue, Quin. Red Violet. I have about 4 hours invested in this so far and I'm looking forward to continuing. A new color palette is always invigorating! Stay tuned to watch this progress.

First row: colbalt turquoise tinted w/ white. Second row:cobalt turquoise mixed w/ transparent red ox. tinted w/white. Third row (vertical): Indian Yellow + white, moving horizontal, Indian Yel. + Cobalt Turquoise makes a lovely green, next with the addition of trans. red. ox. and white. Below(vertical): Red Gold + white, Last Row: Red Gold + Cobalt Turquoise tinted w/ white

Media: acrylic

Size: 30 in X 20 in (76.2 cm X 50.8 cm)

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