Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Work in Progress Tonalist Painting

Today I have a step by step work in progress. This is a nice big painting 20x30, on linen. Here you can see my messy studio lol, and the transparent red oxide under painting, also called an imprimatura.

I continue with the under painting adding glazes of ultramairne blue to cool the red and bring depth.

This is the block in with greens, ochre and purples added in to the transp. red. ox and the blue.

I've worked on this piece for another 4 or 5 hours so it's at a new stage of development right now and I must confess that at the moment the painting isn't going that well. I've made some compositional changes which I am happy with, but the color is a challenge. I opted to use a pink sky for dramatic effect and I'm having trouble relating the water to the sky. So I am mulling over my options. I can bring more pink into the water,(which I have already tried twice, but can't seem to get it to convincingly read as water with so much pink) or I can bring more blue into the sky, which I also tried but only half heartedly, before scrubbing it out. Now looking back on the earlier stages, which I was very pleased with I'm pretty sure there will be some big changes to the painting tomorrow.

It's gonna be a wild ride with this one stay tuned!!

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