Monday, March 02, 2009

Spring Flower Market Impressionist Painting

A Painting from the Archives:

About this Painting: Painted on location at Shoreline Farms in Clinton, CT. A spring rain shower had just passed through, the breeze swept away the clouds and the sun lit up the walkway into the greenhouse area. Every year I buy my flowers here, for my perennial gardens and all my planters on the deck and front steps. Way in the distance you can see a woman in blue, that just happened to be one of my painting students, she was there buying flowers for her garden!
Title: The Flower Market
Size: 18x24 in.
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas, unframed

$400 + $30 s/h/ins.

How to Purchase:
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Pay safely and easily w/ a credit card through paypal
Payment Plans Available

I just wanted to let everyone know that these recent "paintings from the archives" are being offered at exceptional prices, it's a stimulus plan of sorts. I hope the lower prices will stimulate you to buy one!! LOL

I'm doing taxes, and had all the kids home yesterday because of the snowstorm. I must confess that all this cold, dreary weather has put a damper on my muse and painting inspiration is not forthcoming.
At times like these I've found it's best to spend time getting organized to lift the weight of undone tasks from the mind, and to get out and fill the creative well with some inspiration. I'm not sure what that will be but I hope to find the time this week to get out and about and sek out some new inspiration to take me through this last part of winter.
I'm very impatient to use my new cigar box pochade box I showed you the other day. But I refuse to go out with it until the trees have a least some small green buds on them. The winter lndscape has lost its appeal for me and spring can not come soon enough.

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