Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shoreline East Tonalist Landscape

Shoreline East Tonalist Landscape, painting by Jan Blencowe

About This Painting: This was my view from the train window as I was on my way to New York City, the marshes and fields of the beautiful Connecticut shoreline. One of the things I've come to love is painting from memory.

When I see a scene that moves me, I make a concentrated effort to impress it on my mind, so I can recall it later. The interesting thing about doing that is that the memory inevitable focuses on the essential elements of the scene, what really jumped out at me and made me notice to begin with. Many extraneous details are forgotten but the essence of the place is preserved.

In this case it was the soft, rosy colors of the early morning light as well as the simplicity and solitude of tree groupings in the open marsh.

Medium: acrylic on linen
Size: 10x10 in.

Price: $150 + $15 s/h via FedEx

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Paulo J. Mendes said...

This is not only beautiful, but also means your memory is plenty of beautiful things.
Have a nice day!

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Paulo,

That is a very wonderful thought! We see so many ugly things each day, in the news, in the cities etc. But if you take a moment to look you'll see beauty and kindness,and it is unlikely you'll see that on the news. It's up to each of us to look for beauty and really let it plant itself in our hearts and minds, so we ae filled with beautiful memories.

Thank you for sharing that thought!

Pilgrim said...

My favourite so far. Something about BIG foregrounds that appeals. And your proportions are very pleasing (sky and land).

wilderartist said...

Jan, this is great. While so many don't even take time to see, what a blessing to be able to take in the beauty and give back the emotion ot the moment with paint.