Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tonalist Marsh Landscape & Being Grateful

About this Painting: A highly textured surface, and veils of luminous color combine to create a complex atmosphere and a rich visual experience.

Title: Listen to the Evening

Medium: acrylic on linen

Size: 11x14 in.

Price: $400, unframed + $12 s/h/ins. in the USA

How to Purchase: send me an e-mail I'd love to hear from YOU!

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What a wonderful journey this painting was! I've returned again to experimenting with texture and I'm learning to handle it better. As I try new things and find ones that work I'm becoming increasingly pleased with the results.

I'm out of my comfort zone and I'm actually enjoying the anxious rush, and the push and pull of making a painting work, not knowing if it will succeed or fail. I think I may nave been in a bit of a rut and taking chances with new techniques has been a good remedy for that.

The Landscape Echoes series of late last year was a very important tangent for me. A complete break with my usual work it allowed me to really experiment with texture, and while I have a strong desire to return to a more traditional rendition of the landscape I also have a very strong urge to incorporate non traditional surface texture.

Where is this all going....I don't know, and that's both the scary and the exhilirating part.

Lost in Light a 20x30 on linen (which is a little more luminous in real life) I think is my most succesful attempt at combining heavy texture and scumbling in a traditional landscape. Path to the Moon was less so, though I learned what not to do from that piece, too much regualrity in the texture for what I was after. Still has nice soft light though.

Some of the other recent pieces have texture but I was more timid in application, and so while their very nice pieces, they are just stepping stones to getting to where I'm going.

One thing I am evaluating is size. Lost in Light is a large piece and the scale really accomodates large textural areas. Today's painting is much smaller and out of necessity the texture is scaled down a bit too. Although many in the Landscape ecboes series are the same size as today's painting, their semi-abstract nature and bold color support heavier texture.

Now I will have to think about all this and let it simmer in the pot a bit to come up with my next step forward.


This is my theme for 2009. On Twitter today I came across this pearl of wisdom, a little meditation exercise:

Breath in....... I am Blessed

Breathe out... I am grateful.

Sit in a comfortable spot, clear your mind and do this breathing exercise for a full 5 min. and I guarantee you'll have a different perspective when you are done.

Thank you to PeacefulWarrior on Twitter for posting this

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