Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring Landscape in Progress Day 2 & How to Mix Natural Greens

Here's what's on the easel today, the 16x20 acrylic on linen spring landscape I started yesterday. I'm working very hard to build up an interesting painting surface and atmosphere using thin veils or webs of color over thicker applications of paint, created with dry brush scumbles and thinner glazes of color. Compared to yesterday you can see that a lot of softening of edges is happening as I develop the tree masses and the color and value structure is being pulled closer together. I'm finding I need to spend a lot of time looking at the painting and letting the work tell me where it wants to go. I'm considering adding another tree in the left foreground and bringing in more warm darks in the foreground in general.

One of my goals for this year was to begin posting short instructional videos to YouTube and here on the blog.

This first one is a 10 minute painting session creating natural and believable greens for the landscape using yellows mixed with black, and further modified with blue and orange. I also show how to modify tube greens to reduce chroma and intensity so they work better in the landscape.

Color palette for this demo:
Transparent Yellow
Yellow Ochre
French Ultramarine Blue
Olive Green
Forest Green
Mars Black
Titanium White


tlwest said...

awesome Jan beautiful greens-- fill that canvas up with more mixtures and you have a wonderful painters contemplative forest abstract!

Jan Blencowe said...

Interestingly that's one way to develop an abstract, choosing a color as a theme and work for variations in hue, intensity, value, size and shape for a pleasing arrangement. Maybe one day when I'm bored I'll go back to this and turn it into something!