Monday, February 23, 2009

Living Thoughtfully in a Simple Way

In an effort to live in a more integrated, holistic and simple way I've joined a group called The Simple Woman's Daybook. Every Monday I post a journal page here, and then share it with all the others in the group on the Simple Woman's Daybook blog. A lovely and thoughful way to begin the week. So look for these entries each Monday.

Unfortunately, I don't have an update on the spring landscape I'm working on yet. The week-end was very busy, and I didn't get a chance to get into the studio. I'm hoping by Wednesday to have something new to show you in the way of progress on that piece.

Thanks for your patience! Sometimes the muse needs to get in line behind the taskmasters of daily life. But I am seriously looking forward to getting back in the studio, the day never feels complete if I don't paint.

FOR TODAY Monday February, 23, 2009...

Outside my is sunny and cold, the suns rays are growing stronger and the light is brighter yellow, not so thin and pale anymore. The oak tree is casting big branchy shadows, like great twisted arms on the window.

I am thinking...about how fast time goes by and the seasons change.

I am thankful for...the antibiotics that have finally made me feel better.

From the kitchen...trying to think of something to do with the leftover roast chicken other than soup.

I am wearing...My LL Bean red flannel nightgown, red polartec vest and wooly socks LOL not a fashion statement but all the colors coordinate!

I am creating...a new spring landscape painting, working on it slowly to build up an interesting surface texture and sophisticated color.

I am teach my two private students today and hopefully have lunch with a friend.

I am reading...Praying to Our Lord Jesus Christ: Prayers and Meditations through the Centuries

I am sell a painting or two at the Junior Womens Club charity art show in April.

I am hearing...the wind chimes on the deck, love them!

Around the house...there is a laundry monster to be slayed.

One of my favorite Irish Soda bread, have it every year starting now, 'till St. Patricks Day.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Serious catch up on all modes of cleaning and organizing after being sick for 3 weeks.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...Kolorful kittys on my daughters Laurel Burch handbag.


Hootin' Anni said...

suggestion:? Chicken/dried cranberry and pecan chicken salad sandwiches?

My Daybook is posted for today, won't you join me? Click Here

Jan Blencowe said...

Oh sounds yummy! Of to read your daybook, thanks for sharing!

Jan Blencowe said...
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Debbie Lamey-MacDonald said...

What a nice idea Jan! Life is so busy, it is really important to take reflective time for ourselves; taking stock and realigning with what is really going on inside our minds and hearts. Thanks for sharing Jan. Have a great day and week!

Pilgrim said...

White bean/chicken chili...a heart-healthy recipe. Easy-peasy.
Glad you're feeling better.

Pilgrim said...
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Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Debbie, yes, taking just a few moments, even once a week to be more toughtful and aware of he simple things in life is a ggod thing. Like the T shirts say Life is Good, make it Gooder. LOL


Jan Blencowe said...

White bean and chicken chili, I would never have tought of that but it sounds delicious! Thank you!

Nita Leger Casey said...

Jan , glad to know you are doing better, I am with you Irish soda bread is my favorite also , just made some, if I was closer I would bring you some . Have a great day!

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Nita,

Thanks for visting! Mmmmmm
Irish Soda bread!


Jan Blencowe said...

Just wanted everyone to know that the deleted comments were just problems or inappropriate comments.

Lisa B. said...

I was going to suggest chicken salad with celery and pineapple on a bed of lettuce... but I think I'm going to try Hootin' Anni's recipe instead!