Saturday, February 07, 2009

Juried Show Entries & The Slater Memorial Museum

Lost in Light, 20x30, acrylic, Jan Blencowe

Evening Light
16x20, acrylic, Jan Blencowe

Today I took these two paintings to the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich, CT and entered them into the Connecticut Artists Exhibition. The show is held in the Converse Gallery, which is a very nice, large, open and light filled space.

I've had the honor of being in this show before, in '05 or '06, I can't remember exactly. I still have the painting, which was an autumn landscape painted plein air at Bauer Park, in Madison CT. I remember painting it, and using a heavy charcoal initial drawing that I sprayed with sealer and let part of it show through in the final piece. I don't have a digital photo of it, which makes me think it was '05 before I started blogging.

I arrived about midway through receiving and my paintings were tagged in the high nineties. There is another day of receiving tomorrow and there are usually 500+ entries for the show.

Lots of diversity in the entries, including photography, sculpture and printmaking, with most of the entries leaning towards contemporary and modern styles. As with any juried show you never can tell what will captivate and motivate the juror.

The judging is Monday and I should know by late in the week if either painting made it in.

One of the really neat things about this museum, besides it fabulous Romanesque Revival building, (which should absolutely be the setting for a great gothic murder mystery movie involving a stolen or forged painting), is it's large collection of plaster casts of ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman and renaissance sculpture. Enjoy!


tlwest said...

break a leg... good luck.. I am not sure what do we artists say? Gorgeous paintings! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and I will mention you in my prayers. Exciting! and what an honor!

Hany 4 you said...

More than Wonderful .... thanks for this PICs of ART