Monday, February 02, 2009

Cypress and Poppies Impressionist Painting

About this painting: A colorful little gem, glowing with warmth and light.

Artist: Jan Blencowe

Title: Cypress and Poppies

Medium: acrylic on linen

Size: 6x6in

Price: $100 + $5 s/h in the USA

How to Purchase: send me an e-mail I'd love to hear form YOU!

Pay safely and easily through Paypal

We had a beautiful sunny day today was, in the mid 40's, but I know spring is not really here, snow tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday. It's still winter! So I'm dreaming about the warmth and light of Provence and Tuscany and letting it flow out onto the canvas. Isn't art wonderful, it can take you so many places! Imagine this little gem brightening your shelf, desk or the wall in your room. Everytime the weather or life gets you down you can look up at it and envision yourself someplace beautiful, get some relief from your stress and take a mini vacation. Nice!

I'm thinking about doing a triptych.....just an idea, it needs more thought and exploration before I move forward though. Triptych's have traditionally been used in art as altar pieces, the Met has some beautiful examples. My triptych will communicate spirituality through nature, an idea that infuses the work of tonalists, Hudson River School painters, luminists and Transcendalists of the 19th century. It will portray nature as a sanctuary or cathedral where one would go to commune with God. I think I will resist the urge to make it very large and go with something more managable and appropriate for the average room size.

I also wanted to mention that in June I'll be part of a group show in Rhinebeck, NY. I'll keep you posted about the particulars.

I also wanted to share a really great post with you about dealing with rejection if you're an artist this is an absolute must read. Be sure to read the comments too, there's wisdom and insight you won't want to miss there either.

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Deborah Paris said...

Hmmm.must be something in the air! I am working on three triptychs right now- ( 10 x 20 up to 30 x 60)very challenging but exciting to work out proportions and ideas.