Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chroma Interactive Painting Demo Videos

On Saturday I gave a painting demo at the Tracy Art Center using my favorite paints Chroma Interactive Acrylics. My son helped out and video taped it for us using his Flip video camera (you can get a Flip camera with awesome abstract paintings on it by fellow artist Manuela Valenti.) I spent most of Sunday and Monday editing the 90 min. video and getting it into a format for uploading to YouTube
, Facebook and here on the blog. In these first 4 segments I talk about the colors that I use when landscape painting, how I mix certain colors, which brushes I use and how and why I lay out my colors on the palette in a certain way. Tomorrow I'll have more installments when I'm actually painting, and in a few days I hope to have the painting completed and photographed for you to see. Thank you to everyone who came out to the demo it was so much fun meeting you and talking about art!


JMahorney said...

Jan, Great video and you're a terrific teacher. These paints sound too good to be true. rewet, slow drying and not plasicy? I gotta try these. I'd love to hear any other review you have. I've been using oils for 2 years, but man I'm tired of the mess and chemicals.

Jan Blencowe said...

I love these paints and Chroma has a great website with forum, here's the link http://www.chromaonline.com/chroma/products/atelier_interactive

Glad you enjoyed the videos, I do love to teach! More coming tomorrow!