Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Year's Gift to YOU

About this Painting: Sold
Title: The New Year
Media: acrylic
Size: 6x8

I'll be starting a new newsletter in 2009, it will be filled with special previews and information that you will receive before it's posted on my blog or website. It's a chance for you to be more involved and acquainted with my work and become part of a community of artists, collectors and art lovers that share in the joy and beauty of creativity. Sign up in the green box at the top of the sidebar. There is a permanent sign up link in the sidebar.

The best New Year's gift I can give to you is to pass on a link to today's blog post by Molly Gordon. I hope you are blessed by it as much as I was!

Update...I just came across this beautiful, and inspiring video, another New Years' gift!

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