Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Full Spectrum of Colors

Sunset Bay, painting by Jan Blencowe

About This Painting:

Title: Sunset Bay

Artist: Jan Blencowe
Media: acrylic
Size: 16 in X 8 in (40.6 cm X 20.3 cm)

Price: $135 + $5 shipping in the USA

How to Purchase:
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I'm still working through this month's book recommendation Nita Leland's new book, Confident Color. A few posts ago I shared a quote from the book, which to paraphrase, said that you can use all the spectral colors at full intensity because they never clash. Today I had that quote in mind and while I haven't used the colors at full intensity I made a point of including the full spectrum of colors in this painting. The earthy transparent red oxide stands in for a pure red, there's orange and yellow, a green mixed from transparent yellow and ultramarine blue, ( the deep green that is in the distant tree line) blue, indigo (mixed from ultramarine and quinacridone red) is also in the tree line and violet found in the water and sky. It is my intention to pump up the color in the next few pieces and see if I can work with the full spectrum at greater intensity. I think this is a perfect project to celebrate the coming winter solstice and the sun's light triumphing over the darkness, and for Christmas the Son's light triumphing over a different kind of darkness. Get your sunglasses ready and stay tuned!

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bj said...

I absolutely love your bold use of colors!! And thank you for including tips and quotes that we other artists can use and pass on to others. Artists helping's a wonderful world indeed.