Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Landscape Echoes 9 and Recession Paintings in Tough Economic Times

Jan Blencowe

About This Painting:Semi Abstract Landscape
Landscape Echoes 9

Media: acrylic
Size: 20 in X 16 in (50.8 cm X 40.6 cm)

Price: $480, includes shipping and insurance in the USA

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How to Purchase:
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I hear it from so many artists. Sales have been slowing to a halt. The economic hardships are mounting for buyers and artists alike. For many folks it's really hard to justify spending a couple hundred dollars on a piece of art, when so many other necessities are waiting in line at the end of the month. I mean after all, in a strictly practical, utilitarian way art doesn't make a lot of sense. But I am a firm believer in our human need to be surrounded by beauty. Beauty brings joy, and when times get tough, and stressful beautiful things can be a soothing balm. They can turn you home into a sanctuary, a retreat filled with beauty, a reminder of happy, prosperous times past and the hope for better times ahead. I grew up without a lot. My father died suddenly when I was just 10. That was at a time when women didn't work outside the home, and my mom like so many others was a homemaker raising a family and not prepared to enter the workforce. In fact, in my small hometown I only knew two moms who worked and they were lunch ladies in the school cafeteria ! We made due on very little, buying art would definitely not have been on our list. However, we had a few beautiful things that are etched in my memory. My mom's good china was one. A wedding gift from her father-in-law who was a china salesman. It was always on display in the china cabinet and seemed so beautiful and fine to my young eyes. It came out on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and birthdays, so I always associated it with happy events. In the midst of cutting corners, and doing without, it reminded me that the world was filled with beautiful things. Coming from a frugal (out of necessity) upbringing I find it difficult to put a price tag my paintings, which are clearly a luxury item for most people. Like many artists I can't afford my own work! My goal has always been to help people bring some of the joy I find in nature into their homes. When I began blogging and doing a painting a day it started with small 6x8 in. paintings for $100. That seemed to be a magic number, a price many people could afford, even if buying the painting was splurging a little. After three years of 6x8 in. paintings I found myself feeling confined in such a small space and yearning to get back to large canvasses. So after much deliberation that's what I did. It felt great and I had a tremendous surge in creativity and enthusiasm for painting again. It was a breath of fresh air for my spirit that was feeling stifled. That change in turn brought changes. My brisk sales of small $100 daily paintings slowed down, but I had lots of inquiries from other more unexpected sources. For example three galleries contacted me wanting to represent my work(which they now do), and all wanting larger pieces. Agents who handle corporate art installations have contacted me and they want really large paintings. Of course not all of those opportunities have come to fruition but the point is that the change to doing larger works opened up doors that weren't there before. My goal however remains the same, to get original paintings into people's homes so they can enjoy the benefits of beauty in their daily lives. To that end I am going to work larger than 6x8, but keep the prices as low as possible. I just got a shipment of 8x16 and 11x14 in. panels. I'd be losing money if I sold them for $100, but I have decided that these "recession paintings" will be as affordable as I can possibly make them. The 8x16's will be priced at $135 + $5 shipping. Also, if there is a painting from previous posts or on my website, that you love but it's out of your price range please e-mail me and we'll talk. Remember my goal is to get my paintings into your home so you can share they joy that inspires me.

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