Thursday, October 09, 2008

Landscape Echoes Series Continues

Landscape Echoes 2 Abstract Painting, painting by Jan Blencowe

Landscape Echoes 2


Jan Blencowe

About This Painting:
Part of a new series. See this post for the first in this series.

Media: acrylic
Size: 12 in X 10 in (30.5 cm X 25.4 cm)

Price: $300

Yesterday I had a disaster with this blog, so if you are viewing past posts and there is no artwork just a little box with a red X in it please let me know if you have a moment. Here's what happened, on a discussion board another artist mentioned that at photobucket she was looking at another artists painting and saw the option to make a photobook. Apparently, without the artist knowledge or permission anyone can go to photobucket and make a print on demand book using any photos that's bad for artists, and an invasion of privacy for everyone. I don't use photobucket but I did have images on flickr, which I then deleted and I also have images on picasa. That's because google/blogger automatically puts any image I post to my blog into a picasa album. The default settings there make your albums public, and allow anyone to order prints of your images. YIKES!! Why would someone buy my paintings when they can just make a print for free or use it on a calendar or card or anything else. What stops them from selling prints??? Nothing. So I panicked and deleted all the images from my picasa album connected to this blog and then realized that when I did that they all disappeared from the blog as well. OH NO! I had to go to the recycle bin and re-upload everything that I've deleted from my computer over who knows how many months. That was 1500 items. Then I had to go back and re-upload the photos to my blog, so I may have missed a few. Now I have to delete all that junk again!! Ugh. Finally, I went back to picasa and changed all my settings to keep my albums private and to not allow people to print my photos or use them in any way. I hope that works. Lastly, I will be using another site to host my images so they don't get automatically put on picasa.

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