Saturday, October 11, 2008

Autumn Arts Trail Day One

Today was the first day of the Killingworth Arts Center Autumn Arts Trail and Festival. Over 20 artists opened their private studios along the trail and another 20+ set up their display tents at Clinton Landing. It was an absolutely gorgeous autumn day, a clear blue sky, pleasant temperatures, no wind, just perfect. We had a very steady stream of visitors, all very interested in the art, and sales were good despite the economy. I sold a painting today that is destined to be a wedding gift, isn't that wonderful, what a beautiful way to start off your married life and new home, with a piece of original art. The luck of the draw put my display tent on the landing right at the edge of the marsh along with two other artist's tents. The views were spectacular so I set up my easel and painted during the afternoon. This is the Indian River which flows into the Long Island Sound. I'm very proud to say this is my home town!! There was a lot of activity on the river, kayakers, ducks, geese and a lovely mute swan came for a visit near the end of the day.

So many people have asked about my display racks that I'm going to tell you all about them today. There were designed and built by my very clever husband, Bill. They are made from PVC pipe, cut to 6 foot lengths, and 3 foot lengths attached at the corners with PVC elbow joints and secured with the special PVC adhesive (that's the bright purple stuff you can buy in the plumbing section). The wire mesh is purchased in a large roll (find it near the fencing supplies in Home Depot or Lowes) and cut to size with wire snips. The wire mesh is attached to the frames with plastic cable ties, you know those long plastic things that zip and then never come open. The two sides of the frame are attached at the top with cable ties also. Bill also made "s" hooks to hang the paintings, although I hear drapery hooks also work well. These are relatively inexpensive to make, very light weight, can be stored indoors or out and have the advantage of being able to be configured in different ways. For example you could take 3 panels and make a triangular free standing column.

If you're in Connecticut tomorrow, Sunday, October 12th, find your way to Clinton, right in the center of the state along the shoreline. Get on Route 1, also known as the Boston Post Rd.and come on over to the Andrews Memorial Town Hall, plenty of free parking behind town hall and that's where the festival is!!

I pretty much finished this painitng on the spot, a few tweaks in the studio and then it will be done. That's my American Journey French Easel from Cheap Joe's Art Stuff and my Masterson sta-wet palette. I'll be posting the finished painting early next week.

This was the view looking out of my display tent. You can see kayakers on the river.

Looking south along the Indian River towards Long Island Sound.

The marsh extends south and east.

Looking north along the river towards town.

The view just across from the viewing platform.

Our end of the day visitor, a mute swan.

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kjs said...

Wow! Great blog today. I always look forward to reading about what you've been up to. Congrats on the sales over the weekend, looks like you had some very nice weather. And thanks for tidbits on your display too.