Wednesday, October 01, 2008

SOLD Autumn Abstraction #5 Pumpkin Patch and Edge Ratio

Autumn Abstraction #5 Pumpkin Patch, 10x12, acrylic, unframed


Over at the Daily Painters Gallery a new feature is starting this month. The first Wednesday of every month will have a theme and the artists will post paintings that relate to that theme. Today's theme, for the first Wednesday of October, is appropriately the color orange. This Autumn Abstraction is filled with the orangey hues of a pumpkin patch. It's also going to be the last in the series. I had originally though 6 or 7 but I think these 5 will make up the series.

Today I wanted to talk about an idea that I was introduced to many, many years ago and that is, edge ratio, and since a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is even better
I offer you a link to a short instructional video by Bob Rankin explaining what edge ratio is and explaining its importance

Basically, edge ratio is how the edges of a painting are broken up by shapes that extend off the picture plane, with differing numbers of segments on each side of the painting being preferred. Of course this only works with an open composition, where objects or patches of color do run off the picture plane. In a closed composition all positive objects are contained within the picture plane and are kept away from the edges, like in a traditional still life or portrait. Just another tool for your tool box to help you create the best paintings you possibly can.


kjs said...

Very nice use of color!

Jan Blencowe said...

Abstracts really let you play with color in all kinds of unusual ways, it's very freeing and often has a carry over effect in to my landscapes. Jan