Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why are Poppy Paintings So Popular ? - VOTE

Poppy Medley, 30x20, acrylic
Jan Blencowe

As many of you know I've painted poppies before. It all started when I decided to do a copy of one of Monet's most famous poppy field painting in miniature. That led me to make a careful study of his other poppy paintings, and I discovered a new favorite subject. Oddly, I've never had much success growing poppies in my garden, even though they're supposed to be easy to grow, and I'm a pretty good gardener, LOL. Anyway, my previous poppy paintings have all been small 6x8 daily paintings. I sold the entire first series of 14 paintings. They are available as prints now and more than half of the second series of 12 has sold. One of the most frequently used search words that brings people to my blog and website is "poppy" or "poppy painting", so I think there is something really appealing about poppy paintings!

Having explored poppies in a small format the next logical step was to go BIG! My first larger poppy painting Poppies in Summer, is currently available through Total Design Source. The one posted here today is my newest and largest at 30x20, and a companion to this is currently in progress on my easel.

So why are the poppy paintings so popular??

VOTE in the poll, at right and let me know what you think.

If you have other ideas besides what's available in the choices, then let me know through a comment!

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