Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oyster River Plein Air Workshop

Oyster River Evening
This piece has been SOLD through the Black Sheep Gallery, Rockport, MA
On Wednesday, Sept. 10th I'll be teaching a plein air workshop right at this location, the Oyster River .
We'll start the session spending some time observing and talking about what we see and hear and getting in tune with the environment, deciding on what inspires us about the view and what each persons main thematic thrust will be. Next, we'll spend some time training our eyes to lock in on the large shapes and masses in an effort to simplify all that mother nature puts before our eyes so our paintings will make a clear simple statement. After that we'll discuss compositional possibilities based on the scene. We'll discuss linear and atmospheric perspective.
A discussion on color will follow, including which colors should go on the palette based on the scene, mixing natural greens, and make individual decisions regarding the expressive use of color in our paintings. I'll briefly talk about some tricks and tools that will help with each of these elements throughout the discussions. Then, I'll begin a painting demonstration. I'm going to demonstrate the use of an imprematura with an underpainting and the tried and true landscape painting method of working far to near. I will be painting with Chroma Interactive Acrylics, but will explain painting techniques for both oils and acrylics as I go along. After the demo we will break for lunch and students will set up and paint for the remaining three hours as I go around and answer students questions and offer suggestions as their paintings progress.
It looks like we will have perfect weather, clear, sunny and 68. The tide will be out at approx. 1:30 pm which will give us a chance to practice mixing some nice neutral colors for all that mud along the banks LOL

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