Saturday, September 06, 2008

Modes of Expression

Fiery Marsh, oil, 14x18
Available through The Enlightened Professional Center Gallery
Bloomfield, CT for purchase details

Those of you who have come over from Art & Life know that I love poetry, and that I occassionally try my hand at it. But I'm not a very good poet and I know that if I want to really become accomplished it will take a lot of work. Today I came across this wonderful quote:
If I could say it with words there would be no reason to paint. Edward Hopper
That quote just about sums it up for me. My natural mode of expression, for sharing things that touch me deeply and inspire me is visually, through painting. If I could do it through a poem, then I'd be a poet, but really, I'm a painter. So now I'm feeling better about being a painter, and very thankful that I have at least one way to express and share some of the beauty and joy I find in the world. Of course I'm still a little envious of artists like my friend, sara drought nebel, who do both extremely well, lol, but I think I will content myself with painting, reading poetry and finding poems that inspire me to paint or enhance the viewing of my paintings. I know that some of you are now thinking "Well, gee, I wish I could draw or paint or write poetry or something!" Don't overlook the idea that collecting art, poetry, music, pottery, sculpture, textiles,etc. that speak to your heart is an art in itself. Assembling a gorgeous collection and displaying it in your home or workspace is a creative endeavor that can be very satisfying. Though you may not create the pieces themselves, you respond to them and in turn share them with others. Art really is for everyone, the viewer no less than the artist. ~ Enjoy!

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