Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free Art Mags and Starting an Art Collection

Two Mums, oil, 10x8, $250 + $10 s/h, unframed

Jan Blencowe

To purchase send me an e-mail

A little oil painting to celebrate the beauties of the season. I'd like to say a "thank you" to Marion, a subscriber to The Painting a Day Project who took the time to e-mail me to tell me that my name doesn't appear in the daily update from feedblitz. I never noticed that before, so now you'll see my name under the painting along with the other pertinent info. tomorrow I'll see if that info. is picked up in the feed. If not, I'll be figuring out another way to do this LOL.

Yesterday's workshop was wonderful. We had perfect weather and everyone seemed to have a good time, learning a lot and working hard. I did a painting demo, and was able to take my painting to the end of the block-in stage. I'll be completing it over the week-end, and hopefully posting it for Monday. In the meantime, I'm working on two large poppy paintings, one is done and the other is about 1/3 of the way in. Stay tuned for those.

Do you like getting art magazines? I do, but with all the full color reproductions and glossy paper they can be expensive. I came across this blog post that highlighted several free on-line versions of art magazines. I'd also like to mention, a really nicely done on-line art magazine with a very reasonable subscription price of $14/year.

If you've always wanted to start collecting art but are worried about choosing the "right" pieces, having enough room to display your acquisitions, and affording original art you may want ot check out this article, which is for those just beginning to collect and those still thinking about it.

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