Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forgeries and Festivals

Fabulous Fake of Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Jan Blencowe

A Little Monet

Jan Blencowe

Wired Science has an interesting story today, The Mathematical Essence of Van Gogh, about how scientists can now mathematically map a painting to distinguish an artists unique style and apply that to questionable paintings to help determine if they are genuine or a forgery.

By analyzing 101 real and forged Van Gogh paintings, Cornell engineers have devised a set of mathematical signatures that can separate the real from the fake. It's the latest advance in stylometry, the process by which an artist's tendencies are quantified and turned into a defining formula.

Don't get into a tizzy, my paintings above were NOT meant to be forgeries and passed off at Christies or Sothebys LOL. They are both in the public domain now and were requested by collectors who preferred an artists rendition of their favorite paintings rather than a mass produced print. These are awefully fun for me to do and I learn volumes about an artists' methodology by copying a work, which is why for centuries students have copied masterworks.

The Birth of Venus, Sandro Bottecelli

(the real thing not a copy)

Today, September 13, Banquet of Venus, Vintage Festival

The Romans honored Venus, who began her life as an Etruscan garden goddess, before she merged with the Greek Aphrodite and became the Goddess of Love.

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